Anti-Drone Solution

U.S. Defense Team is the state of art Counter-UAV solution designed to Intercept and Neutralize Military Grade UAV in multiple scenarios and environments, including urban, civilian and military use environment.

Traditional sensors and countermeasures may be not effective or not applicable in urban warfare and military warfare. Therefore U.S. Defense Team multi-spectral sensors (Radar, EO/IR, acoustic and radio link interceptor) performing data fusion for detection and identification. U.S. Defense Team architecture is modular and can be tailored depending on operational, environmental and cost/effectiveness requirements.

High sensitivity and high efficiency receivers enable LSS platforms detection, while the data fusion algorithm in the mission planner station provides a high Probability of Intercept, low false alarm rate and a comprehensive Situational Awareness with the reaction management tool.

U.S. Defense Team reactive and smart jammer is capable to deny the remote control link of the platform and the navigation aids signals used to follow the programmed route through proper way points. Innovative jamming techniques enhancing the effectiveness of soft kill disruption of hostile platforms maintaining full operational services of active friendly platforms.


  1. Multi-Spectral and Multi-Domain architecture (Communication, Radar, EO/IR, Acoustic)
  2. Distributed sensors architecture for tailored solution
  3. Rugged and easily deployable sensors
  4. Software defined, high sensitivity Receivers
  5. Fixed or mobile C2 station
  6. Hard Kill Laser, pending export license approval


  1. Detection of very low power and Frequency Hopping Signals
  2. Real-time threat analysis (classification, identification, geo-location)
  3. Post analysis for forensic application
  4. UAV soft kill by counter measure against Radio Control and GNSS system
  5. GNSS spoofing to force Drone landing in a safe area
  6. User friendly HMI, with immediate feedback on alarms and threat features
  7. External interface to Central Operative Center
  8. Easy deployable and possibility to integrate on mobile vehicles
  9. Logistic support for through-life maintenance and repair
  10. Operational Support for training purpose or set-up updates against new threats

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