Border Security

U.S. Defense Team Electronics Systems is dedicated to the development, manufacture, delivery and support of advanced integrated Perimeter Intrusion Detection Solutions to a variety of vertical markets and facilities.

U.S. Defense Team works closely with leading system integrators and distributors worldwide to best answer a wide spectrum of complex perimeter security scenarios.

Years of proven experience in more than 30 countries worldwide, through thousands of Kms of deployed systems, operating under radical environmental conditions and severe operational intrusion scenarios.

U.S. Defense Team offers a wide range of intrusion detection technologies: From Smart Fence and underground intrusion detection, pipeline protection and tunnel detection, to virtual barriers and early indication, all controlled by U.S. Defense Team proprietary Command & Control Management Software, fully integrated with a variety of security systems and platforms, including video surveillance, access control, alarm systems etc.

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Our Key Advantages:

  1. Solutions to Diverse Intrusion Scenarios – U.S. DEFENSE TEAM systems answer a wide variety of simple to complex perimeter intrusion scenarios, providing pinpointed alarm zones along the entire perimeter.
  2. High Adaptability to the existing perimeter barriers, local environmental conditions, site specific criteria and requirements, using the existing power and communication infrastructure
  3. Field proven experience in more than 30 countries worldwide with thousands of Kms of deployed systems. Years of accumulated knowledge dedicated to perimeter security, based on in-house R&D, repeated delivery of operational systems for challenging intrusion scenarios, hand by hand practice with leading systems integrators under changing environmental conditions across all 5 continents.
  4. Open Source proprietary C&C Management Software controlling all integrated security systems (PIDS, CCTV, ACS, lighting and alarm systems), with easy interface for 3rd Party Management Programs.
  5. Unique field proven algorithms combining top-notch sensing technologies with sophisticated software application to obtain the highest Pd and filter out FAR & NAR, leading to best match of site specific criteria, customer requirements and local weather conditions (built-in weather mode filtration algorithms).
  6. Pattern Recognition – Real-time and retroactive pattern recognition of events occurred in a designated time frame, actively alerting on complex intrusion attempts by experienced intruders
  7. Pinpointing CCTV cameras and surveillance systems to identified alarm zones (across all sensor system types) for timely efficient response of security teams and data fusion with complimentary sensing systems
  8. Intrinsically Safe certified for zero tolerance areas in the core of sensitive volatile energy infrastructure and facilities.


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