Cyber Intelligence

The past two decades have seen the World Wide Web grow and expand at an incredible rate in terms of accessibility, availability and volume. The internet holds vast amounts of information on people, places, enterprises and organizations. In recent years, social networks have taken a key position in the flow of information across the WEB and around the globe. In essence, the internet has been transformed into the most up-to-date open source of information, one that can no longer be neglected by any intelligence organization. However, when trying to collect WEB intelligence, these organizations are facing numerous challenges that need to be answered, such as:

  1. Profiling targets from social media and web sources
  2. Finding social connections, groups and influencers
  3. Accessing targets with limited public information
  4. Remote extraction of technical target parameters and location
  5. Independent solution with no installation


Social Media intelligence is a new and advanced field of intelligence, which provides information about current incidents and targets instantly and can be generally explained as extracting targeted intelligence from big data.

This Solution developed based on a unique, remote, target-oriented flow, which begins with creating a relevant target list using social media, follows with managing a large number of online Virtual Agents and ends with finding the target details and location.

This solution is a cutting-edge cloud-based social networks and live web platform which lets you search, analyse in real-time endless web sources and social media content such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and more.

By location, keywords users, and groups, from anywhere in the world, with single clicks. This help intelligence agencies to attain unmatched situational awarenessthrough real-time social media content in order to turn intelligence into action.

We enable advanced searches in social networks to gain profound analytical information about targets, such as posts, followers, activity time, influence and more. It queries and extracts all relevant social circles from a defined target and provides the user with deep intelligence insights within short time.

The system allows the user to analyse real-time information and search for historical data in order to extract the relevant insights efficiently.

The system stores the queried data for further analysis. The analysis features of the system was specifically designed to meet the demands of the intelligence community.


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