Drone Surveillance

U.S. Defense Team introduces a true multidisciplinary airborne ISR system integrating high end Active Cellular Intelligence and VISINT capabilities based on combat proven solution by main interrogators.

This ground breaking system introduces the full cellular interception solution into the STUAS class. It enables rapid and continuous intelligence collection over diverse areas of interest, utilizing various communication technologies in-use by targets.

The airborne system overcomes ground intelligence collection constraints of inaccessible areas and LOS limitations, while expanding the coverage and ensuring covert operation.

U.S. DEFENSE TEAM will can deliver similar capabilities as the larger tactical platform operational today but with better operational flexibility, serviceability and cost effectiveness.

Missions / Applications

  1. HLS & Border Protection – diverse missions: Military & Paramilitary; smuggling, immigration, anti-terrorism.
  2. Covert Intelligence & Reconnaissance Gathering – over diverse areas: rural, semi-rural, semi-urban and urban environments.
  3. Targeted Operation – Audio & Visual tracking over a long period of time
  4. Aerial Support for versatile ground operations: covert missions, IED/Ambush detection.
  5. Search & Rescue – Various rescue missions.
  6. Tactical COMINT – Operational Challenges.
  7. Ground Force perspective.
  8. Effective coverage over large areas of interest.
  9. Overcoming inaccessible areas.
  10. Overcoming Line-Of-Sight constraints.
  11. Reducing risk of exposure.
  12. Tactical COMINT – Operational Challenges.
  13. Traditional Aerial Implementations.
  14. Manned platforms – limited endurance, personnel risk, standoff operation (covert, radar detection, hostile AOI).
  15. Large UAS, Male category – operational & logistics complexity.
  16. Allocated to strategic level – not available to tactical manoeuvring forces.


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