Embassy Protection

U.S. DEFENSE TEAM specializes in providing Embassy and Diplomat homes security solutions for many Government Assets Worldwide.

We provide the following services in our remotely deployed Command & Control system which provides real time monitoring, events, alarms and situation management, hot lines with relevant global authorities.

  1. Short/Long range shooting.
  2. Throwing of explosive charge.
  3. Suicide vehicle by or breaking into theembassy.
  4. Diplomat direct attack.
  5. Getting into the embassy by means of deception in order to seize hostages or attack.
  6. Intelligence attack.
  7. Entering by deception and installing eavesdropping devices.
  8. Remote eavesdropping.
  9. Cyber Security.
  10. Collecting Intelligence from the dark net.
  11. Analysing cyber threats in real time.
  12. Managing cyber attacks.
  13. Training & Procedures.
  14. Intelligence forces.
  15. Security guards.
  16. Intervention units.
  17. Cyber warriors.
  18. Internal security zone.
  19. Ensuring eavesdropping free environment.
  20. Secured rooms and safes for sensitive documents.
  21. Avoiding any connection to the IT network.
  22. Avoiding any document or soft copies replication.
  23. Ensuring computers security for all computing equipment (computers, copy machines.
  24. External security zone.
  25. Physical and technological means preventing any attempt to enter the embassy.
  26. Gates security means and procedures.
  27. Smart fences, day and night CCTV, X Ray equipment, Physical barriers.
  28. Theatre security zone.
  29. Intelligence gathering around the embassy.
  30. Random patrols.
  31. Recognizing possible attack scenarios.


For any additional technical information please contact our office to view these files.