Military Ammunition Systems

U.S. DEFENSE TEAM has developed its core business proving to be the leading supplier to defence industry of complete lines for the production of ammunition of various calibres, and especially small arms ammunition.

We offer complete packages of engineering, procurement and construction of complete (turn-key) plants or specific manufacturing lines.

The offer also includes modernization of existing production lines and adaptation to customers’ requirements.


The services include:

  1. Adequate choice of processing technology related to the type of ammunition
  2. Selection of machinery and equipment always matching expectations of the client
  3. Delivery of machinery and equipment, tools, gauges, spares, etc.
  4. Supervision during installation
  5. Commissioning of supplied machinery
  6. Staff training
  7. After sales services and technical support

Machinery and equipment may be installed as individual operation units, set up in complete manufacturing lines or as fully automatic plant with interlinking conveyors system for transportation between machines.


For any additional technical information please contact our office to view these files.