Military Smart Locks

A high security smart lock solution that is cantered around three basic needs


Full door locking which is compatible with any mortise lock.


Comprehensive user access management performed either locally at the door or remote via web, mobile or third-party solution.


  1. Can be installed at any door enabling features such as remote door opening and automatic locking.
  2. A holistic secure locking system.
  3. Full locking capability.
  4. Full door management at the door and from remote.
  5. Keyless and remote door opening from anywhere.
  6. Override with key (outside) and with knob (inside).
  7. Ready for integration with third party Access Control Smart Home solutions.
  8. A flexible architecture with many options.
  9. Connectivity.
  10. Management.
  11. Door.
  12. Authentication.
  13. Wireless (ZigBee, Dry Contact, RS232).
  14. Wireless internet gateways – connects with up to 10 doors.
  15. Integration with Smart Home, automated doors, third party access control systems/service providers, alarm systems, etc.
  16. Standalone (direct at the door) and/or web managed via cloud (unlimited doors)
  17. Door management via mobile phone
  18. VPN connection between gateway and cloud
  19. Authentication via RFID, Keypad and remote control
  20. Optional: Biometric and other authentication means
  21. Override: Physical key and knob
  22. Supports tamper and open door alarm
  23. Extra security: Double authentication, panic button
  24. Motor driven mortise lock compatible solution
  25. Retrofit, which fits any door type
  26. Rechargeable power pack with optional continuous power
  27. A solution for many verticals
  28. Senior Care & Accessibility
  29. High Security Institutions
  30. Offer smart door management as a service
  31. Improved quality of service and cost efficiency through centralized door management
  32. Flexible solution which fits any existing door
  33. Scalable solution which fits any existing doors and which can scale with changing needs
  34. Flexible door management: direct at the door, cloud based or through integrated 3rd party solutions
  35. Flexible door management which can be done via Web, mobile or integrated 3rd party solutions
  36. Connected doors allow to have full transparency on any room access 24×7
  37. Enhanced door management features such as timed access control
  38. Flexible and scalable solution which can be installed in any remote location as long there is internet connectivity (otherwise, with reduced functionality)
  39. Comprehensive door management capabilities enables to fine tune and audit access control
  40. Security: make sure that the door is always locked through automatic locking
  41. Control: Manage access of who can enter when
  42. Convenience: Remote opening for guests, workers or kids while you are not at home
  43. Five key differentiator for a reliable solution
  44. Highest Security
  45. Opens from Anywhere
  46. Fits any Door
  47. Comprehensive Mgmt
  48. Cost Effective
  49. Provides automated 360 degree locking capability without compromising existing security.
  50. Flexible and secure door management via web, mobile or 3rd party solution.
  51. Flexible retrofit solution for any door and mortise lock type.
  52. Comprehensive door management including multiple connectivity options and sophisticated access control.
  53. Cost effective solution for any size and type of installation.
  54. Cyber Security – An Overview
  55. Connectivity
  56. Lock
  57. Cloud
  58. App
  59. MiWi (extension of ZigBee), encrypted connection with Gateway
  60. Gateway to the Internet – wired connection, use of SSL encryption
  61. TLS (v 1.2)
  62. No over-the-air programming (OTA)
  63. No physical connector available
  64. Use of secure data protocol for internal communication
  65. Keypad temper protection
  66. Code striking protection
  67. Use of SSL
  68. Access control through SMS authentication
  69. Use of SSL and other encryption technologies
  70. Granular activity logging
  71. No geo location door information stored
  72. Use of high secure hosting environment
  73. Granular user rights concept
  74. Application level monitoring (24×7)


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