Multipurpose Surveillance Vehicles

Surveillance Vehicles

The document describes a Multi-Purpose COMMAND & CONTROL & COMMUNICATION & OPERATION =C³O Vehicle. The system is designed for multi missions and different scenarios including –satellite communication capabilities, enabling the operators in the vehicle to execute a complex intelligence and operational missions as well as monitor and guide operational field teams.

The integrated system will be installed in a Mercedes sprinter 516/519 van car (4×4) or Iveco Daily long base van (4×2) In addition to the integrated systems, the platform is equipped with many accessories needed to assure mission successful completion.


We have the pleasure to present our proposal for the design and supply of a Reconnaissance, Command, Control, Communication & Operation

(R C³O) vehicle which will include the systems detailed below The Command and Control vehicle addresses all the operational needs based on the extensive knowledge and experience WE accumulated over three decades of working in the field. In order to implement the comprehensive operational needs the vehicle will be designed as a special, Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 /Iveco Daily long wheel base 4×2 –high roof This cutting edge RCCCO vehicle is a flexible, future oriented solution that offers a broad range of services to support the special forces /police and/or public safety organizations day to day activities for control and management of Events, where simultaneously integrating Command Control capabilities, Emergency Resource Allocation, analysis and display of field sensors data.

With OUR’s RC³O, decision makers are able to rapidly access, understand and react to any event, alert or mission in the daily operations of any task force.

RC³O is a proven and comprehensive Command & Control Center System, suited for the unique characteristics of both urban and regional environments.

The document defines the specification, technical data and performance, of the RC³O vehicle, which includes the following main sub-systems, sensors and controls:

RC³O Multipurpose Mobile command post highlights:

  1. Performing reliably in harsh conditions.
  2. Comply with high human engineering standards.
  3. Enable full functionality day or night.
  4. Designed for quick deployment and efficient handling by the operators.

Main deliverable Items:

  1. 4x COFDM video/ audio/data Transceivers
  2. 1x Special COFDM data transmitter
  3. 1X Stationary Satellite communication system (+its Hub accessories )
  4. Day night (Flir) Uncool observation system
  5. 1X 8-7 m pneumatic mast & its accessories
  6. Computerized audio and communication matrix
  7. 1 special cellular audio/video multi-channel transceivers
  8. Computerized video audio recorder
    • Control & Display Station
  1. 8kva build inn silent generators –
  2. 15KW Nic/Ion backup batteries (use as UPS )
  3. Electricity board
  4. Radio comm. system to communicate with HeadQuarter
  5. Radio comm. System (including control software) to communicate with and control offield operational car’s agent (encrypted net. )
  6. GPS driving device
  7. 2x VHF+UHF full band radio scanner (up to 1.3 Ghz)
  8. 1x Self support local air condition
  9. 1x lot monitors and communication needs (3×19, +1×10)
  10. 4x security cameras
  11. 2-3x security microphones
  12. as an option special Lighting system(on mast)
  13. as an option Laser range finder
  14. as an option Laser Illuminator
  15. car hydraulic stabilizing system
  16. police siren+ bleu light +loudspeaker
  17. in car computerized network
  18. team’s safety sensors –CO and Smoke detectors
  19. 25L 12v in car refrigerator
  20. Full command control room Furnishing
  21. C³ missions

Example of vehicle TECHNICAL DEPARTMENT installation

Secure Communication with field operational team

  1. This feature is based on our own field proven experience and it is suggested as an integrated sub system for mission critical users like special police, anti-drug/anti-smuggling officer, senior guard, etc., only a professional terminal is not enough to accomplish tasks and ensure safety. This is where a complete communications solution is demanded.
  2. To enable direct and uninterrupted communication with operational team/cars in the field, an encoded radio communication system with the agents will be operated from the command and control vehicle, -the Motorola or Hytera DMR Radio
  3. The car’s agents will be equipped with in car or portable communication systems, complies fully with ETSI open standard.
  4. Perfect combination of structural rigidity, versatile functionalities, and refined design; secure communication ensured by AES encryption algorithm
  5. Convenient application development facilitated
  6.  GPS positioning – Real-time tracking. This feature allows the radio dispatch system to track the location of any radio units in real-time. Users have an option to display the location route on the computerized car mapping.

On critical missions, the dispatcher can send staff nearby for check and help when the route of an agent halted.

  1. The built-in GPS module supports GIS applications.
  2. Dual modes (analogue & digital) operation ensures a smooth analogue to digital migration.

Car Security nearby feel of the activities system (Video and Audio)

As the vehicle is operated by an operational team which is inside the vehicle without feeling the activity in the vicinity of the vehicle, the vehicle is equipped with a * nearby feel of the activities system & actually, the vehicle is installed with 4 hidden cameras that cover the and 2-3 hidden microphones for the audio activities.

Command Control Section

The middle section of the vehicle will be design as Command Control centre it will be equipped with special comfortable seats and command table, allowing 5-6 commander to participate and command the operation. Full communication means to enable communication with the operational team, 2-3 high resolution 37 & 40 & video screens to display the receiving video signals, geographical maps and another computer screen and allow the commander team to observe –real time – the signals from all the sensors in the operational area e.i in additional a 42 & TV screen (connect to the satellite system) to display the public news regarding the actual news (if any) regarding the & running operation &

Satellite communication.

A satellite communication system will be installed within the vehicle to enable completely inherent communication as a closed circuit between the vehicle and its vicinity and headquarters as well as independent internet communication within the vehicle. This satellite communications system will provide the vehicle countrywide communication from any scene without the need to coordinate or depend on cellular or Radio communication

The antenna

The iNetVu® 980 Drive-Away Antenna (OR similar), is a 98 cm auto-acquire satellite antenna system which can be mounted on the roof of a vehicle for direct broadband access over any configured satellite. The system works seamlessly with the antenna Controller providing fast satellite acquisition within minutes, anywhere anytime. It works in Ku band; the 980 system is easily configured to provide instant access to satellite communications for any application that requires reliable and/or remote connectivity in a rugged environment. Ideally suited for Military Communications, Disaster Management, SNG, Emergency Communications Backup, Cellular Backhaul and many others.

The Ku-Band Transceiver

We shall supply The Advantech Wireless range of transceivers uses the latest technology, thus providing the ultimate in performance and user-friendly operation AWMT-3000K is a family of hub-mount transceivers operating in the Ku-band from 16W to 125 W. These transceivers are designed for continuous operation in the harshest outdoor environment. The built-in microprocessor controller provides for external monitoring and control of the operating parameters, and for the redundancy control. The LNB is connected to the transceiver with a single coaxial cable. Apart from the LNB, the complete unit is available in a single integrated package. Higher power transceivers are also available in the AWMT-K series for up to 500W. The flexible and comprehensive monitor and control features on the transceiver ensure that it will fit into any network management system architecture. The user-friendly RS-232 interface will provide full set-up and fault monitoring facilities via a PC terminal mode communication or a hand-held terminal. The RS-485 interface will provide functional remote Monitor & Control, using the Graphic User Interface (GUI) or the Monitor & Control Panel.

Observation system

The observation system- One novel wide dynamic Day/Night uncooled Thermal system fitted on a 7-8m Electro mechanic/pneumatic mast installed on the vehicles allowing full video coverage of continues 360 degrees around the vehicle. The TIC will enable the Observer, to scan the Area, Detect human targets (NATO) further than 5km, recognize it, Gather the area and target location information, Stour and post process it.

Thermal Imaging Camera

Description TIC provides powerful around the clock, night and day multi sensor observation system – a night vision capability for military/police and paramilitary surveillance. It allows long range observation and detection using state of the art thermal imaging and CCD technology. TIC uses high sensitivity un-cooled microbolometer thermal cores 17x 480 resolution μ 640 The camera is controlled via  ommunication protocol or by discrete signals, which are implemented either locally or remotely by an RCU TIC is designed and constructed to withstand the harshest weather and environmental conditions, including rain, direct sunlight, high humidity and dust.

Features and Benefits

  1. Un Cooled Thermal Camera (SPECTRAL BAND 7-14m μ )
  2. 640 x 480 un cooled microbolometer detector
  3. 25-225 mm Continuous Zoom -provides solutions for a large number of applications.
  4. Electronic Zoom x2, x4 (additional to the analogue zoom)
  5. Open Frame or Sealed configuration
  6. Digital Video Output CCIR
  7. Full control and software updates via communication
  8. Rugged, compact, and low weight
  9. Highly stabilized construction
  10. Flexible electronics configuration
  11.  Video Signal: CCIR for the thermal signal and PAL for the day signal
  12.  Environmental Conditions: IAW-MILSTD- 810

Day night observation system

MAST; The required telescopic mast shall be 8m Electro mechanical or pneumatic heavy duty mast to achieve max. stabilization & high accuracy suitable for use with optical observation, surveillance, and many others, security mission. The mast shall be constructed to carry a payload weighing up to 30kg and wind speed of 80km/h with max 2° accuracy.

Option – 25m cable and tripod for remote operation

Special measures

Each of the following sub systems is essential for the safety operation and for operational cases which might occur during operation. The following sub systems were designed and integrated in a variety of vehicles and the operational feedback is excellent. It gives solutions for several needs:

  1. Long stay in the vehicle (refrigerator & air condition system)
  2. Power demands for long operation (UPS/ banks of batteries)
  3. Emergency cases (siren, blue lights)


To enable continuous operation within the closed intelligent cabinet we shall install and SELF SUPPORT 220V air condition system. To provide fresh air from the exterior, we shall install an additional small silent ventilator.

Autonomic battery power supply system

To enable uninterrupted 3-4 hours operation of the control and communication equipment within the vehicle, the vehicle will be equipped with 15 kw special LIT/Ion battery systems to allow continues operation when the main generator will stop working all the main operational activity and its other ‘functional’ systems i.e. lighting, communication, scanning and air condition).


The vehicle will be equipped with one Mag light spotlights with a special charger inside the vehicle to enable search and orientation by night.

Alarm system

The vehicle will have an alarm system activated if broken into illegally while parked.

Siren/loudspeaker system and emergency signal The vehicle will be equipped with a loudspeaker (siren) hidden within the

engine. The system will be operated from the driver’s control panel in case the vehicle will have to operate for police missions or a getaway car.

Police flashing blue light

In case of an emergency a police flashing blue light can be activated. It will be hidden within the regular head lights and back lights of the vehicle or on additional lights installed on the front and rear.


The vehicle will contain 8 KW silent generators. The generator will be attached to the vehicle with special anchor straps and an anchor clasp secured to the wheel axle.

Technical Operators WORK STATION

A special operational station will be constructed in the technical compartment enabling the operation of 2 technical operators the maximum comfort work. One work station (min) will be designated for the communication system’s operator whereas the other work station will serve the visual operator & Mission commander.

Portable refrigerator.

The vehicle is equipped with a portable mini refrigerator (12V) for preserving drinks and food. The refrigerator will be connected to the car special batteries.


At the technical sector –the work table will be equipped with special lighting system. The intensity of the light will be adjustable and either blue or red only. For maintenance & install at this compartment regular white led light at the command control sector & install white led light with special dimmer allowing the m to adjust the best light during observing the receiving video or TV signals.

Satellite navigation system

The vehicle will be equipped with a GPS type satellite navigation system that will connect to the main communication system and the unit commands. This system will provide the team easy navigation to the target and orientation in the field in a manner that will indicate the exact location of the vehicle should they require assistance, reinforcement etc.

Power supply board

The main power supply board is mounted in the equipment cabin.

The board contains the following components:

  1. Ground insulation monitor for the generator
  2. Main cut-off switch for grid connections
  3. Semi-automatic switches
  4. 220/12VDC and /or 220/24 VDC power converter and chargers
  5. Charge source selector switch (generator / grid)

The ground insulation monitor operates according to the international standard: MIL-STD-810D METHOD the monitor is 22KΩ.

Guest tent

In order to enable increasing the number of users of the vehicles intelligence, and prevent disturbing the vehicle’s routine operations during a mission, we will integrate in the rear wall of the vehicle 2 x 21" monitors that will enable guests and other forces to view the intelligence and or the computers screens display within the vehicle.

A tent will be erected and attached to the side of the vehicle providing basic conditions, protection and privacy for these guests or accompanying forces.


We specializes in advanced surveillance vehicles for customized solutions. Our vehicles are field proven for more than 31 years- around the world. Our staff is based on ex – surveillance officers with vast field record.

The vehicle which we offer will fit the written customer needs and much more than that. In case that other features are needed; we’ll integrate them easily upon request.

Our suggestion is to conduct a working meeting either in your place or in our facility to discuss the system features (SOW) and other project aspects so that the outcome vehicle will be the most effective solution.

We welcome any remarks or questions you may have and we’ll gladly supply any additional information you may need for your decisionprocess.

End Use and Export and Import Licenses

The sale and implementation of the products offered in this proposal is subject to and dependent on receiving an export license In order to avoid any doubt, this proposal is hereby provided subject to the condition that the deliverables offered herein shall be used exclusively by the customer and not transferred to any third party.

Price as per the description here up TBD as for the SOW that will be supply

Price will include

  1. 1x 4×4 Mercedes sprinter 519 (if needed 4×4/516)or Iveco daily(4X2)
  2. Fully equipped as per the SOW
  3. Operational training and commissioning – five days training, focused on the advanced technical and operational aspects of operating the system, including customer ‘hands-on’ with the system.

Delivery – 5-6 month ARO

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For any additional technical information please contact our office to view these files.